A Crocodile skin & leather cigar humidor. Paul Dupré Lafon for Hermes

A Crocodile skin & leather cigar humidor. Paul Dupré Lafon for Hermes

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An exceptionally rare Crocodile skin and leather cigar humidor by Paul Dupré Lafon, for Hermes. Circa 1940.

Made from layered, compacted cut leather, the 2 stepped lid and upper rim of the body with a gorgeous Cognac coloured, hand stitched Crocodile skin finish.

Opening the lid reveals a Cedar wood lined interior, perfect for cigars. The underside of the lid also has hand stitched crocodile trim and a gilded bronze stopper. The mid tan leather base also stamped in gold, "HERMES, PARIS"

The engraving to the gilded bronze inside of the lid reads as follows:


Exlusively for

Jerry Weintraub

Much Love Always


(Princess Coconut)

Beneath the inscription the gilded bronze is also stamped "HERMES,PARIS"

Jerry Weintraub was a film producer, talent manager and actor. He discovered the relatively unknown (at the time) singer, John Denver and worked with him throughout his career, producing all of John Denver's TV Christmas Specials as well as his tours.

He changed the world of touring, such as it then was, being the promoter of Elvis Presley's first US National tour after convincing both Elvis and his manager, Colonel Tom Parker to do it, something they had not considered before.

He also promoted Frank Sinatra's first "Stadium" performance at Madison Square Garden in New York, transforming Sinatra from "saloon singer to stadim singer". He worked with and promoted many more bands, including The Four Seasons, The Carpenters and Led Zepplin. Working with Bob Dylan, he promoted the artist's 1978/79 tour which comprised 114 shows, performing to over 2 million people worldwide.

He produced many films in his long career, most notably the Karate Kid series and Oceans 11 & 12. He also won 3 Emmy awards. Jerry Weintraub died in 2015.


Paul Dupré-Lafon , "décorateur des millionnaires", was a French decorator and designer, known for his Art Deco furniture pieces. In his creations, he combines his cubist philosophy with a taste for modern, employing materials such as stone, chrome-plated steel, leather and wood.

In the 1920s and 1930s, he worked in collaboration with the French fashion house Hermès, where he created ashtrays, lamps and many more accessories of simple, elegant and timeless design.

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